Pocket Hug

Pocket Hug

Pocket Hug


2 hearts cut from felt, or polar fleece. (Felt is easier to sew!)

accent fabric, also cut in a heart shape

a white piece of fabric

a permanent fabric marker

embroidery floss and needle

scissors and stuffing



  1. Using your white scrap of fabric and permanent fabric marker, write Pocket Hug on it.
  2. Blanket stitch your accent fabric to one of your cut out hearts. If you do not know how to blanket stitch, a basic running stitch is good too!
  3. Using a running stitch, sew your Pocket Hug tag onto the other heart cut out.
  4. Sew your two hearts together. We used a whip stitch but a basic running stitch is fine here too!
  5. Leave a hole large enough to put your stuffing in!
  6. Put your stuffing in your Pocket Hug.
  7. Finish sewing your Pocket Hug closed. You can add ribbons or buttons or other things to these. Be creative!