About GirlCratery

GirlCratery™ was born from the inspiration of the Girl Scout experience.  We believe that all girls regardless of Girl Scout membership should experience the world around them to become the best version of themselves.  

Monthly Subscription Crates are crafted with hands-on activities, access to online programming, and specially themed products that will encourage girls to try new things, exercise their own creativity, and help develop a strong sense of self.   What sets GirlCratery™ apart from others is the ongoing social interaction with peers. Not only will you receive an awesome crate on your doorstep each month, you'll have access to a community of Cratologists exploring alongside you through this fun, collaborative learning experience!    

GirlCratery™ was developed by Girl Scouts™ of NYPENN Pathways.

All content and programming created for this program is trademarked by GSNYPENN reproduction is expressly prohibited.

Inquiries: info@girlcratery.org