Boondoggle: Classic Brick

Boondoggle: Classic Brick

Boondoggle: Classic Brick

  • Plastic Lacing
  • Key ring or clip
  • Scissors
















Choose 2 colors of plastic lacing.

Place the 2 lacing pieces in an x formation and put your finger over the center point.

Keeping your finger on the x, bring 2 ends of the same color to cross over your finger.

Using an over under pattern weave the two unused color ends through the already crossed laces.

Gently wiggle your finger out keeping the lacing in the woven pattern.

Grasp two color ends in each hand and pull until tight.

Grasp the square knot in your hand and loop two of the same color ends over the square.

Using the same weaving pattern of over then under, repeat the weaving process until you hit your desired length.

Tie off the end in a knot and add a clip or keychain.

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